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Title /Description
Arranger / Copyist Notes
"Just My Imagination" - Viola Part Richard Street Details include bowings, related instrument cues, dynamics, vocal cues and score location marking.
"Just My Imagination" - Viola Part
"Grazin' In The Grass" Alto/Flute (multi reed) John Washington's Fortunes Features articulations, lyrics cues, flute transpositions, & instrument change instructions

"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" Bass part Time of the Year" Bass part Gary Puckett Tempo and "feel" instructions, rehearsal letters, related instrument cues, bass clef notation plus chords, logical D.S al Coda placement, detached Coda for easy "road map"

"Maybe I Know" - background vocals score sample Lesley Gore "mini piano/conductors score" above 3 vocal /lyric staves, rehearsal markings, "feel" directions & rhythm changes

"For Once In My Life" - big band score Gianni Russo Standard big band layout - vocal lead w/ lyrics. suggested bass notated, rhyhtm parts use standard & rhythmic notation

"My Cherie Amour" - vocal lead sheet Misc. Suggested 8 bar intro, lyrics in largest practical font, 1st and 2nd ending logically placed, key change alert, fits on standard 2 pages.

"Don't Give In To Him" - "Pops" Symphony score Gary Puckett 4 part arco strings sans contra bass, multi percussion part if only 2 players available, rhythm changes, approx 8 bars per page.

"Human Nature" - Excerpt - Symph.Score-4 Clint Holmes A great arrangement by Jeff Neiman - my job was to add strings, french horns, woodwinds and percussion  for symphony pops performance  Clint also wanted an "orchestral soli  section " where the symphony would take over for 12 bars in a baroque feel and then segway back into the pop arrangement. This was a fun challenge and it turned out really nice.
"Human Nature" - Excerpt - Symph.Score-4
"Love Wont Let Me Wait" - Big Band R&B excerpt Ron Crews This is a classic 70's soul tune. I wanted to give it an exciting  "Bill Chase" type of intro and then melt down into a tasteful bed to give Ron plenty of room to sing. Some nice 5 reed counterpoint in there also.
"Love Wont Let Me Wait" - Big Band R&B excerpt
"Native New Yorker" - Excerpt From Score Denny Randell Denny is one of the great pop writers of our time. This tune is a work of art from the late 70's. Recorded live with expert musicianship, arranging, copying and production. My job here was to document it for  Denny's catalog. Today's pop hits can't compete with this level of artistry.
"Native New Yorker" - Excerpt From Score
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