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The Kellys have developed a reputation for high energy, emotionally charged live performances. It's been said that The Kellys have "already patented a sound that’s close to what the Cars and Weezer might have cooked up together during a weekend in Jamaica," The artists depict their original music as indie / rock / powerpop, - but opera rock might be a better description. Whatever you label it,  the music of The Kellys will always be unique.  This three piece orchestra of Joel DeGenova on guitar, Moe Angelo on bass and Matt Holko on skins provide the background for Kelly McCracken’s powerful arias; stories in song." The new decade is being ushered in with the completion and release of two projects that showcase The Kellys' musical evolution.. - "Channel" - a dvd presentation of live performances ( three original songs backed by a 32-piece orchestra), 2 new studio audio tracs, and music videos, has just been released.  Following that will be The Kellys long-awaited, fourth studio album, Opus, - the progression and growth in The Kellys' uniquely patented meld of pop and rock.

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