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Gary Puckett - Bio
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I had the distinct honor to work with international recording artist Gary Puckett from 2002 thought 2009. The experience was irreplaceable, and a pleasure for the entire seven years. I can distinctly remember where I was and what I was doing when I first heard, "Woman, Woman", "Lady WillPower", "Over You", "Young Girl" and "This Girl Is A Woman Now" back in the 60's Working with Gary was the realization of a lifelong dream. I got to know many of the icons from the 60's and 70's through my association with him. Gary is an educated and even tempered guy and always the consummate gentleman. He still sings and plays great and we had some excellent times together I wrote his symphony book for him over the years and collaborated with the very talented Woody Lingle ( his current Mus. Dir.) on some arrangements still in the show today. Check out some of the music and videos on this section of my site and also his vast presence on YouTube. Long before there was a Justin Timberlake - Gary Puckett created the genre!!
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