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Gene Ferrari - Bio
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Gene Ferrari is a very talented international singer with years of experience and a successful trac record as both a "headliner" and an "opening act". Gene also has a very interesting "coming to America" story that I hope he writes down someday! I knew Gene by reputation through the music business connections we both accumulated over the years, but we had not met as of yet. He came to me in 2009 looking to perform and record a new DVD promo of his new show - "An Evening of International Pop Music".

My job description was to coordinate all live and recorded audio for the filming. Gene also needed arrangements for a show opener - "The Story Of My Life" and a "French Medley" - songs that are American classics - but written by French composers. We decided on the songs "I Love Paris", "If We Only Have Love", "What Now My Love", "If You Go Away " , "September Morn"", & Yesterday, When I Was Young".

It was interesting working with Gene to weave these songs into a coherent, entertaining medley. Fortunately, he has excellent instincts as a singer / arranger: knowing exactly what to extract from each song;.surely from singing only the best arrangements all through his career. We hired a very competant 14 piece orchestra for the video shoot. UNLV Sound engineer Chuck Foley set up a 32 trac Pro-Tools audio rig on site to record the show, We also did some later audio overdubs at UNLV recording studios.

It is always rewarding to work with a seasoned professional like Gene Ferrari. His talent is only surpassed by his work ethic, and attention to detail. I think we came out with some arrangements and recordings that will stand the test of time.

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