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Miles Away - produced in 2009 - written by: Mckracken / Longo The Kellys - recorded at Peppermint Studios - Youngstown, OH. by Gary Rhamey  Mixed at UNLV Studios - Las Vegas, NV by Chuck Foley
My first collaboration with the very talented Kelly McKracken. The music came first, with the lyrics evolving as the arrangement progressed. I urged the Kellys to push beyond their usual power trio + vocalist format into a more pop ensemble sound.
Joel DeGenova - guitar, Moe Angelo - Bass, Matt Holko - Drums, Vocalists - Gwen Coates, Danielle Cochran & Irma McQueen all turning in solid performances behind Kelly's always passionate lead.
We Don't Need Another Hero - produced in 2009 - written by: Britten / Lyle The Kellys - Recorded at Peppermint Stusios - Youngstown OH. by Gary Rhamey - Mixed at UNLV Studios - Las Vegas, NV. by Chuck Foley
One of the few covers the Kellys have ever recorded. I was looking for a classic song that would convey their angst and cryptic vibe for a new generation. Dark but hopeful.
We used keyboards, strings and Bck. vocals to flesh this out. The boys did a nice job playing a bit outside their genre. Kelly nailed it!
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