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Syncoplaytion - written by Mariano Longo 1980 Mariano Longo - All keys and arrangement
Rick Young - Guitar, Bill Kearney - Bass, Rich Obertots -Drums & percussion
We were riding home from a job in Cleveland with "Sir Bentley" and listening to a Jeff Lorber trac in the car.  The guys were saying how great that was, and it would be nice to play some music like that. So I told them I would write some and we would do it. A few months later this session produced four funk/ fusion instrumentals - "Syncoplaytion" being one of them.
Recorded and mixed by Gary Rhamey at Peppermint Studios in Youngstown, Ohio
When October Goes - written by B. Manilow / J. Mercer Nancy Deleo / with Mariano Longo Trio
Barney Mallon -  Bass
Jeff Woodworth - Drums
Capture jazz trio and vocalist in live, intimate, jazz club setting. Engineer Frank Cataldo expertly recorded this in a salon meeting room at The Strathallan Hotel - Rochester, NY in early November of 1996.

The dismal and rainy  "end of fall" weather outside definitely helped set the mood for this melancholy ballad - beautifully emoted by Nancy DeLeo.
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