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Title/Description Artist Arranger/ Copyist notes Sample
Romantic Motown Medley Susanna Gabbiano / Ray Allaire & Jimmy Castor Score - 11" X 17" Landscape  format - 
Oboe,  Flute,  French Horns , 
Timpani, Malletts, Latin Perc. 
Guitar, Bass, Piano,  Drums, 
Male and female vocals, 
Vio.1, Vio. 2,  Viola, & Cello
<strong>Romantic Motown Medley</strong>
Caruso Susanna Gabbiano <strong>Caruso</strong>
Fields Of Gold Susanna Gabbiano <strong>Fields Of Gold</strong>
Vivo Per lei Susanna Gabbiano & Ray Allaire <strong>Vivo Per lei</strong>
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