Mariano Longo, Professional Musician, Arranger, Producer
Mariano Longo - Audio Resume

Audio samples of various musical projects produced, arranged, conducted or performed by Mariano Longo / Orchestral Events.

Title Artist / Studio Job Description Producer's Notes Sample
Personality - produced in 2001
written by: M. Longo
Timepeace - recorded at Kill The Messenger -  Las Vegas, NV by Michael Sak 
Positive, energetic pop / funk instrumental w / vocal hook. Wrote and arranged and played all keyboards
Brassy, Fun, Funk” Sax melody with vocal hook
Shakedown Person” - Produced in 1990
written by: M.Longo and E. Felder
Eddie Felder / Avatar Studios - Rochester, NY
engineer: Bill Thomas

Sequenced music bed w Bass, Keys, Perc. and synth brass. Added live brass, Drums guitar and overdubs.

Urban Soundscape for film project ala Shaft or Beverly Hills Cop w / sound effects overdubs
Sunny Side Of The Street - Produced in 2002 Viva Voca  /“Kill The Messenger - Las Vegas, NV
engineer: Michael Sak
Arranged and produced -  ala Manhattan Transfer” for Las Vegas vocal group. Wrote vocal arrangement and played piano.
Client needed short demos for promo, so each song was arranged for approx 70 sec. length. Minimize cost, maximize content.
I Surrender -  Produced in 2000 Danielle Biaggi - Digital Insights Studio - Las Vegas, NV Engineer: Ken Gold
Arranged and produced demo for singer / model. Played all keys and acoustic guitars.
Power ballad – used string ensemble instead of rhythm section during verses. Gradual buildup of production until final outro segment.
Autumn In New York - produced in 1996
written by: Vernon Duke
Mariano Longo  / Recorded lve at the Strathallan Hotel, Rochester, NY engineer: Frank Cataldo
Engineer Frank Cataldo's suggestion
Recorded as an out-take after jazz trio / vocalist session. "Piano, Vocal and C.C. Manhattan"
Shoulda' Been Me - produced in 1990 
written by:  M.Longo and E. Felder
Eddie Felder / Avatar Studios - Rochester, NY 
engineer: Bill Thomas
Recreation of live "T.S.O.P" style show with full pit orchestra. Wrote, arranged, played all keys. Sequenced bed with "live" Guitar, Bass, Horns and Percussion overdubs.
Classic 70's style soul inspired by the memory of  Thom Bell  conducting the 1976 "Spinners" tour
Autumn Leaves  - Produced in 1996
written by: Kosma / Mercer 

 Nancy Deleo /  Recorded live at the Strathallan Hotel, Rochester, NY engineer: Frank Cataldo

Capture essence of vocalist Nancy DeLeo w/ jazz trio in "late night cocktail lounge vibe" Live with no overdubs
Sensitive performances all around expertly recorded by Frank Cataldo
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